Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Land Tour Day 3

As you can see from this photograph we began the day with a short drive to Cana and followed a winding lane to what is called the 'Wedding Church' and along the way the odd bottle of produce is being sold!

Then we made a trip to Nazareth and the Church of the Annunciation. This is set in the midst of a predominantly Muslim community and the voice of the Imams echoes across the valley. The Church is spectacular, modern and straddling the old site of supposedly Mary's house. The graphics  and the mosaics are fantastic including one by and for Australia.

Next we visit a Nazareth Village a bit like Sovereign Hill in Ballarat and are taken back 2000 years in time. It provided a good picture of life in Jesus' time including a shepherd at work, a carpenter, a lady spinning wool and weaving etc.   It was a bit weird when the shepherd answered his mobile phone!

Church of the Transfiguration Mt Tabor
Our next stop would be on the top of Mt Tabor and the place of Jesus' Transfiguration where he appeared with Moses and Elijah. But to get there required several taxis to take our pilgrims up the 16 hair-raising hairpin bends to the top. The Church and the view was spectacular and we celebrated the eucharist in an outdoor chapel alongside the church in the picture.

Fred Benjamin had purchased some holy oil and this was blessed and used for anointing after the eucharist. Even our Jewish guide, Gadi, joined us for holy communion.

It was like the disciples, Peter, James and John, for we felt like it was good to be on the mountain and a very special place to celebrate the eucharist together for the first time as a group.

Each night before dinner we are gathering somewhere in the hotel for prayers using the book that Ray and Catherine put together before leaving Melbourne. It has been much appreciated.

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