Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the sea of Galilee

We celebrated Helen Donagan's birthday on the sea of Galilee in a wooden boat. The crew played Waltzing Matilda and hoisted the Australian flag! All the same it was a special moment with no storm and no expectation then that Ray would walk on water!

We have visited the Jordan River Baptism site (see Peter Tuohy is there below); Capernaum - and the nearby Mount of the Beatitudes; Cana and the sign of Jesus first miracle - water into wine; Nazareth - Jesus home town (now a bustling metropolis) and the Mount of Transfiguration where Ray celebrated the eucharist. Its all pretty amazing. We even had a lunch of loaves and fishes by the Sea of Galilee!

We have a fabulous tour guide, a comfortable bus and a great tour group of people.


  1. Sounds like the trip had got off to a great start! Love the pictures - don't forget to include some with Ray and Glenys in them!

  2. Hi thought you would love to know I have eight black bouy roses to gloat about, Emanuel is now a daddy a little boy John Raymond, You sound as if it is all wonderful and a great experience, L am glued to tele watching the games, Have Ben and his mate staying over night, had a lecture of some sought

  3. Hope you're all remembering to "slip, slop, slap"!

    Looks like a great trip :)

  4. YES! OH YESSS!I've found your blog site .
    What an excellent record of your trip , my compliments Glen & Ray.Nice to see brother Peter as one of your headline acts good photo.I will now follow your travels with great interest .Thank you Mitch [B2]