Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back on the Big Island


The lovely central area of Chester

We arrived back on the bigger Island to more drizzle and but with time to casually drive along the north coast of Wales. We had lunch at Bangor after a tour of the Cathedral where we discovered Alyd Jones was once a choirboy and a rather enthusiastic local Church Warden/Guide accompanied us from time to time around the Cathedral sharing the history of this ancient building.

Then it was off to England and Chester where  we decided we would find lodgings for the night. The Tourist Information centre however alerted us to the fact that unless we visited the Cathedral straight away (i.e. around 4.30 pm) we would not be able to see it the next day because all the University Graduations were scheduled to take place there. What a gem of a Cathedral this is.   We were, however, even more delighted to be in the Cathedral when the Choir boys and Musical Director arrived robed and ready to practise - they sang beautifully.

Lichfield Cathedral

After a quick look at the City Centre we resolved to return in the morning to look at a couple of private galleries we had discovered.

We found a nice little B&B and for 6 quid had a terrific meal in a local pub.

Next morning we headed back to the city centre and explored the galleries as planned adding a viewing of a cartoon gallery which brought a lot of joy to our morning.

On our way to Melton Mowbray to stay with Jenny and Stuart we detoured to revisit Lichfield Cathedral, and hoping to have a chance to paint a little watercolour each. We remembered being by the river there with our kids 20 years ago trying to avoid the European wasp!  However the persistent rain put paid to this idea and we moved on to arrive at Melton Mowbray to a warm welcome.

Saturday we were surprised when Lew & Norma Birch turned up to collect us from the Allens as a surprise and they transported us to the Crown Inn for lunch. Also at lunch much to our delight were about 16 other members of the parish.

Great to catch up of course with our every constant correspondent from the Midlands - Mavis (pictured) and our neighbours Geoff & Lesley, the Jones family, Colin & Ann Head and Isabel.

After a great reunion we walked through the village noting familiar and not so familiar landmarks to the Church where we met the Vicar, the Revd. Sue, and we found much to our amazement that a framed photograph of Ray is on the wall with a notation, naming all members of our family about our time in Asfordby in 1990.

The Asfordby folk at lunch

The photograph and notation on the wall of the Church

Ray in the Church at Asfordby

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